Hydol Oy was established in the autumn of 2012.
We design and manufacture hydraulic and pneumatic systems as well as their application to machine assemblies with electronic control.
As a new application, we have designed and implemented water hydraulic systems. The import of components has been implemented since the 1980s.
The repertoire also includes the standard cylinder kits KK17, KK20 and KK25 launched by Kone Ketola Oy (Konepaja Ketola Oy) at the end of the 70's.
We test and repair hydraulic components and various pump types, motors, valves and valve tables.
We supply hydraulic and pneumatic components as well as their spare parts and accessories.
Our team includes:
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Automation Planning and Manufacturing
  • Water Hydraulics
  • Hydraulic Component Corrections and Maintenance
  • Machinery and equipment assemblies
  • Cylinders and their maintenance
  • Seals for hydraulics and pneumatics
    KK Sylinteri
Please contact me by email to tell more about our activities.
  Hydol Oy
  Uunikatu 8, FI-28610 PORI, FINLAND
  e-mail. info@hydol.fi
  Olavi Ketola
  Hydraulics Sales and System Design
  p. +358 45 8056 691, +358 400 591 691
  e-mail. olavi.ketola@hydol.fi
  Jani Ketola
  Industrial sales
  Hydraulic spare parts, Component repairs and service
  p. +358 44 0256 993, +358 400 791 065
  e-mail. jani.ketola@hydol.fi
   Hydol Oy
   Saniaisentie 16
   28660 PORI
+358 2 637 0194
Bank Connection
IBAN: FI91 1588 3000 101073